Specialty Campaigns

Announcing an exclusive new program
to help you gain new customers!

With Special Day Promos, you can now send a personalized, custom 6×9 postcard to anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary or to simply welcome someone who just moved into the neighborhood!

With our exclusive and highly targeted list you get to choose who, where and how many potential new cus tomers you want to reach each month. Give them a personal offer they can’t resist on their Special Day, and watch your customer base grow as local customers discover you for the first time and reward your recognition of their Special Day by bringing friends to help them celebrate, with many return visits as they appreciate your goodwill.

  • We take care of all the details each month, along with a complete report.
  • No long contracts required.

Generate goodwill, build your brand, and gain new clients all with one easy and exclusive new program!

Call us first and be the exclusive business in your category and neighborhood to celebrate your clients’ “Special Day.”

Welcome to the Neighborhood Postcards

Celebrate with Birthday & Anniversary Postcards

Call Today (925) 434-3221 or email yemi@mytrendingnow.com for all the details and a special introductory offer!