How much does it cost to get loyal customers? Not as much as you’d think!

A great way to get new customers into your shop, store or restaurant is to offer a coupon for first time visitors. A great way to get repeat customers is to offer a discount or reward for multiple visits.

For example, if you own a juice shop, you can offer a free drink after the 10th purchase. It’s cheap to print a paper loyalty card, and after getting 10 sales, a free drink of your choice is worthwhile in terms of cost.

By enticing customers with a reward, you get more repeat visits, which is more opportunity to show your customer why you are the best at what you do. Whether it’s amazing customer service, a great product, or a fun experience, you now have 10 chances (like in the example above) to get your customer to fall in love with your business.

 The same is true for digital. With Trending Now’s coupon website,, you can offer your customers coupons and loyalty programs without spending a cent on printing or distribution costs.

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